Google is now automatically converting Flash ads to HTML5

In a move that was started in September last year, old and new ads uploaded through AdWords etc. will be converted directly to HTML5.

Published Date
26 - Feb - 2015
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26 - Feb - 2015
Google is now automatically converting Flash ads to HTML5

Web ads may become much less annoying soon. According to reports, Google is working on converting all Flash ads on the web to HTML5 automatically. Advertisements uploaded through Google’s AdWords, AdWords Editor and some other third party tools will automatically be converted to HTML5 by Google.

This should cover a large number of ads on the internet, although there will still be some remaining in Flash format. The move will especially be useful for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Google had started working on this in September last year, with the goal of making content on the Internet more accessible to devices other than PCs. Google has also modified YouTube, to play videos in an HTML5 player by default on all devices.

Google has explained the new initiative on its support page, telling advertisers how to figure out whether a Flash ad is running as an HTML5 ad. The company writes,

Not all Flash ads can be converted to HTML5. To see whether your Flash ad will convert, upload it to the Swiffy tool. If this tool is able to convert your ad, then your ad will be automatically converted when it is uploaded to AdWords. To see in your AdWords reports whether your Flash ad was converted, segment your ad table by devices. If you see mobile or tablet impressions for a Flash ad, then your ad was converted.

In the future, we will be providing a notification on all converted Flash ads. We expect this to be available in late 2015.

The move makes a lot of sense, considering that a lot of the web traffic today comes from mobile devices. The use of HTML5 instead of Flash will make it easier to browse the web on such devices. You can read Google's entire post here.

Source: Venture Beat


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