Google search results now tell you when a webpage is not optimised for mobile

Google search results will now warn users about 'faulty redirects'.

Published Date
05 - Jun - 2014
| Last Updated
05 - Jun - 2014
Google search results now tell you when a webpage is not optimise...

Google has rolled out a fix for faulty redirects on its mobile search. The internet giant will now warn users when a website displayed in the search results isn’t properly set up to handle requests from smartphones. The search engine will lead you to the mobile site homepage instead of the web page. Users can still click ‘Try anyway’ if you want to reach the homepage.

Google says in a blog post that its wants to "spare users the frustration of landing on irrelevant pages and help webmasters fix the faulty redirects." Google has also provided some tips to help site owners direct audience to the pages they want. The internet giant says that owners need to check their site from their own phone and see if their site behaves. Google is also sending site owners a message on Webmaster Tools in the ‘Smartphone Crawl Errors’ section, if their web site’s pages are redirecting smartphone users to the homepage.

Google recently released Chrome 35 that 'Ok Google' hands free voice search for all users. The new update has been launched for Windows, Linux and MAC OS. The Google Chrome 35 update lets you activate search via the 'OK Google' voice command and just ask a question. The update also brings some new features like setting reminders and timers. To enable 'OK Google' voice-assist feature users can just click on the microphone icon placed on the main Google search bar and then click 'enable' in in Chrome.

Source: Google