Google's Good To Know campaign in Hindi, other Indian languages

Published Date
21 - May - 2013
| Last Updated
15 - Feb - 2018
Google's Good To Know campaign in Hindi, other Indian languages

Google's Good To Know campaign, which is aimed at promoting safer Internet usage and help users implement better practices when online, is now available in Hindi and various other Indian languages such as Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu. Inclusion of the Indian languages is likely to help Google's campaign expand in the country, which has one of the population of the Internet users.

“Everyone wants to stay safe online, so we're making the campaign available in dozens more languages… We're also incorporating the Google Family Safety Center website, which has included online safety tips since 2010, into Good to Know to make all this information available in one place,” says Google in a release.

The website features information such as tips on safe browsing, insights into how user data is used on Google and across the web, and also how can one manage his/her family's online usages. The website also has tips on figuring out a choose a strong password, determine a phishing scam and making your account unbreachable with two step-verification. To know more, users can visit

Google Good To Know in Hindi

Google's Good To Know campaign comes months after the search engine giant received flak from all corners for tweaking its online privacy policy earlier this year. Google, as per its new policy, said it would use user information for its all products and services including such as search and social networking.

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