Google officially announces What Do You Love? search; reveals Photovine sharing service

Published Date
14 - Jul - 2011
| Last Updated
14 - Jul - 2011
Google officially announces What Do You Love? search; reveals Pho...

Google has officially launched the What Do You Love? site we spotted a couple of weeks ago, in a eponymous blog post. Describing the vision behind making a site like this, Google’s Andy Berndt, said “A while back, a few of us wanted to make a little tool that we could use to show just about anybody more of what Google makes.” Google’s What Do You Love? site can be found at

Aiming not just to showcase all of Google’s myriad web services and products, What Do You Love aims to ‘connect people to products,’ helping them discover useful and relevant new things while keeping the search fun. As we saw earlier, What Do You Love? certainly has a novel approach to search results, and indeed, queries had interesting results along Google’s many avenues. Search for beer, and Google’s results let you follow your love for beer to ‘Organise a debate about beer’ on Google Moderator, or ‘Measure the popularity of beer on the web’ with Google Trends, or “Call someone about beer” with Google Voice.

While we expected Google to make many enhancements and add features in the time since the site was spotted till it was announced, things have remained the same. Sharing your results is still limited to Gmail and Picasa for now – Google integration is surprisingly absent, but reasonably, should arrive soon. We hope Google adds other new features as well. Check out the introductory video at the end of the article.


In the meanwhile, another new Google property has been spotted, called Photovine, found at Google has yet to comment about it however (apart from releasing an introductory video), and we expect an announcement in a few weeks, much like how was made available without a single announcement.

Still in trial mode and requiring an invitation to join, Photovine seems to be a photosharing service that allows users to share photos with the world, under a photo topic, which becomes an image thread that can be added to by other Photovine users. The service is definiltely not going to be limited to Android phones, in fact, as if to prove that very point, the phones used in the the entire introductory video were Apple iPhones!  


Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal