Google Now adds new features like Car Rentals, Reminders and tickets

Google Now gets a new update, adds new features to help with car rentals, public transit, event tickets and reminders.

Published Date
23 - Aug - 2013
| Last Updated
23 - Aug - 2013
Google Now adds new features like Car Rentals, Reminders and tick...

Google has announced a massive update for its Google Now service. The update brings new 'cards' like event tickets, public transit card, reminders, college football scores and adds new sharing capabilities. All these functions will show up automatically once the user logs into Google Now.

Google Now is the company's intelligent voice assistant which uses location data and search history to give you accurate information. It gives you personalized information about your favorite sports teams, the local weather, how long will it take to reach home from work and topics that you have previously researched.

Google Now taps into your Gmail account to get information about your travel info, reservations etc. The new update adds a car rentals card that gives you reservation details and directions to the car rental center directly in Google Now.

Google Now users can now set reminders while searching for music artists or TV shows on Google and will be able to see a “remind me” button on the panel by the search results. Users will be reminded about upcoming events, albums, books, as well as TV serials by their favorite artists.

Google Now has also added a commute sharing card that informs your friends and family about where you are. Users will also be given latest information about their bus routes, last bus or train time. It has also added a Concert ticket card that will help users get tickets to popular events as well as information about local sites and events near the user.

Users can enable or disable all these features by accessing the Google Now settings. The updated Google Now application is available for Android 4.1 or higher users on the Google Play store.

Source: CNET