Google launches Music Timeline, charts the history of popular music

Google's Music Timeline uses data from Google Play Music to show popular music genres over decades.

Published Date
17 - Jan - 2014
| Last Updated
17 - Jan - 2014
Google launches Music Timeline, charts the history of popular mus...

Google has launched Music Timeline that captures the rise and fall of genres and artists over decades. The Music Time aggregates data from the Google Music Play for a visualisation chart to see which music has stood the test of time, according to the blog post.

The chart shows key artists from each genre and the stories behind them. Users can navigate to Google Play and listen to the music. You can even search for a particular artist and see if they were just a one hit wonder or went multi-platinum. For example, clicking on the Metal stripe, shows music from Classic Metal to Hair Metal to Alt Metal within the growth of the overall genre, and some of the most popular artists that composed each subgenre.

The chart shows that Jazz was the biggest in 1950's, rock music saw a rapid rise in the 60's followed by hip-hop in 1980's. Google has not included classical music on the chart as its typically cataloged by composition date, and not when it's recorded. Google says that it plans to update music timeline every week.

Google has done similar visual examinations of visitors on YouTube and another one for identifying social sharing on Google . Google India recently launched the list of most watched videos on YouTube in 2013. The list called 'YouTube Rewind: What India watched in 2013', includes popular movie trailers, TV shows, music videos, games and cricket. The list was based on total number of views, as well as likes, comments and shares on the video. Google also created a cool video to highlight these trending videos.

Source: Google