Google's Device Experts will now answer your queries via video chat

Google test new virtual Genius Bar, offers customer support for your Google devices related queries.

Published Date
09 - Feb - 2015
| Last Updated
09 - Feb - 2015
Google's Device Experts will now answer your queries via video ch...

Google has introduced a new service in the Google Play store for devices like Nexus phones and tablets called Google Device Experts. The feature gives a video chat option with a salesperson who can answer all your queries related to Google Chromebooks, Android Wear, and other Google devices.

The Google Device Experts service is built on Google's video lesson platform Helpouts. According to reports, the service may come with direct access to the video chat assistants in the Google-branded sections of stores where Nexus tablets and Chromebooks are often displayed. 

Users can access Google Device Experts through the devices section of Google Play. Then you have to click the help icon in the top right corner, and start "Video call" under "Contact Us." The assistants are available from 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern time.

According to reports, Google has been testing the feature since last November. A Google spokesperson said in a statement that "We’re in a limited trial of an experimental support feature and gathering feedback. We aren’t ready to share full plans yet."

A person close to the project stated that Google is "also planning to go into retail stores with a virtual help desk to enhance the shopping experience." The service would compete with Apple's popular Genius Bar which offers free support at all of the company's retail locations.

Google Device Experts is being run with contractors from an external company called Milestone Technologies. The company also partners with Apple, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco and others for providing services like IT support, contact center and professional services.

Source: Google Play, TechCrunch