Google introduces customizable themes in Gmail, and other new features

Published Date
15 - Apr - 2011
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15 - Apr - 2011
Google introduces customizable themes in Gmail, and other new fea...

Google has introduced a few new features in Gmail, the biggest being customizable themes, which now gives users the ability to personalize their Gmail with their own background image, over and above the recent addition of being able to choose colours for the interface.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]The feature can be found under the Themes tab in Settings, and is called 'Create your own theme'. Any of your previously uploaded Picasa images can be used, apart from uploading new images. Google also graduated two new features from Gmail Labs, called 'Don't forget Bob' and 'Got the wrong Bob?'. These new features are prompt-based suggestions/corrections that can potentially correct some embarrassing mistakes - not too unlike the reminders for subjects, and attachments.

Once enabled, the new features will crosscheck if you have forgotten to mark someone on an email, or marked the wrong person, based on the groups of people you email most often. You can ignore the suggestion, or click to add/replace the contact.


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Your own theme
Got the wrong Bob?
Don't forget Bob

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