Google improves its sitelink feature, increases maximum number of links to 12

Published Date
17 - Aug - 2011
| Last Updated
17 - Aug - 2011
Google improves its sitelink feature, increases maximum number of...

In a bid to make online search a lot more intuitive; Google has made some notable improvements to its “sitelinks” format. Googe on its official blog says the search engine has “expanded and improved” the sitelink feature, which you may recall as the links beneath the main URL you get after searching for particular terms on Google. Here's how the pre-update sitelinks used to look like:

And here's how the sitelinks look like now:


As you can also see, the font size appears to be larger and all the subsidiary links have small descriptions or snippets beneath them. Moreover, the maximum number of sitelinks per query has been increased from 8 to 12, depending on the size of the website.

“It turns out that sitelinks are quite useful because they can help predict which sections of the site you want to visit. Even if you didn’t specify your task in the query, sitelinks help you quickly navigate to the most relevant part of the site, which is particularly handy for large and complex websites. Sitelinks can also give you a good overview of a website's content, and let webmasters expose areas of the site that visitors may not know about,” says Google's blog.

Google has also made some improvements to its algorithms as it combines the sitelinks with the regular search result rankings. Google says it will help furnish higher quality of links. “This reduces link duplication and creates a better organized search results page. Now, all results from the top-ranked site will be nested within the first result as sitelinks, and all results from other sites will appear below them,” it further adds.

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