Google improves Google News experience on tablets

Published Date
12 - Dec - 2012
| Last Updated
12 - Dec - 2012
Google improves Google News experience on tablets

Google on Tuesday announced it was rolling out an update to its Google News service, with a focus on the tablets. The update is initially available for U.S. users, and other regions are expected to get it over the next few days.

“There’s something special about reading news on your tablet. Indeed, swiping through articles brings to mind the familiar feeling of flipping through a favorite magazine or newspaper. Starting today, Google News feels even more natural and fluid on tablet devices,” says Google in a blog post. Google hopes the update will help Google News send even more visits to news sites (six billion per month and counting).

The Google News update enables users to find new articles, news sources and topics of interest with intuitive gestures. For example, users can now horizontally swipe between sections from Business to Entertainment or tap 'explore in depth' see the multiple articles and other related information on a particular story. Google has also added some breathing room between articles, making it easier for users to spot the stories one is interested in.

Google last month revamped Google News, adding click-to-expand news results clusters, multimedia enhancements and layout updates. Each news results cluster is collapsed down to one result with the exception of the first cluster. Clicking on the “Show more” link shows see articles from more sources. Expanded results clusters feature a bar of videos and photos. The cluster image now appears on the left and the source information has been moved to below the article links for better readability. Read more about the update here.

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