Google+ Hangouts On Air now allows live rewind, instant YouTube recordings

Google has launched some new functionality to Hangouts that makes participating in a live On Air much easier and fun.

Published Date
08 - May - 2013
| Last Updated
08 - May - 2013
Google+ Hangouts On Air now allows live rewind, instant YouTube r...

Google on Tuesday announced a major update for its Google social network, adding three new features to Hangouts On Air. Now users can have live broadcasts, broadcast rewinds and replay, as well as have access to superior quality videos on mobile devices.

“Have you ever missed the beginning of a live Hangout On Air and wanted to rewind? How about viewing and sharing your recording right after your broadcast, versus waiting for "processing…"?” says Google in a post.

The broadcast rewinding feature lets users see Hangout on Air from the beginning irrespective of when joined the conversation. Moreover, video plays as soon as the show begins if a user has a window opened with a Hangouts On Air (like Events or YouTube), without needing to refresh. Also, once user is no longer On Air, recording will be available on YouTube.

Google, however, warns these new features may take a longer set up.

“As part of these enhancements, it may take longer to set up your Hangout On Air. For example: the 'Start broadcasting' button may be grayed out for a bit, before it turns red. Nothing to worry about, this is just us getting everything in place before you go live,” adds Google.