Govt requests for user data rise by 150% in 5 years: Google

Google transparency report reveals a 150% increase in user data requests since 2009.

Published Date
16 - Sep - 2014
| Last Updated
16 - Sep - 2014
Govt requests for user data rise by 150% in 5 years: Google

Google's 10th transparency report reveals yet another sharp increase in the number of government user data requests. The internet giant reveals a 150% increase in data requests recorded since Google's first report in 2009.

Google revealed that it received 32,000 requests in the first half of 2014, up 15% from the previous report. The internet giant stated that it provided some data in 65 percent of the cases. The highest number of requests were made from US (12,539), followed by Germany (3,338), France (3,002) and India (2,794) governments. U.S. saw a 19% increase in the first half of this year compared to the previous six months and up nearly 250% since 2009. Read: Content removal requests from India decline: Twitter report

Google started publishing the reports following revelations of secret government programs of gathering user data from Internet firms. Tech firms Apple, Google and Facebook have also written to Obama on privacy invasion issues. Read: Yahoo, Google team up to create spy-free email systems

Summary of Requests for India

"This increase in government demands comes against a backdrop of ongoing revelations about government surveillance programs. Despite these revelations, we have seen some countries expand their surveillance authorities in an attempt to reach service providers outside their borders," writes Richard Salgado, Google's legal director for law enforcement and information security on the company's Public Policy Blog. "Others are considering similar measures. The efforts of the U.S. Department of Justice and other countries to improve diplomatic cooperation will help reduce the perceived need for these laws, but much more remains to be done."

Source: Google