Google announces unlimited cloud storage for students

Google announces Drive for Education, offers unlimited cloud storage for students.

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2014
| Last Updated
01 - Oct - 2014
Google announces unlimited cloud storage for students

Google has announced free unlimited cloud storage to the 30 million students and teachers who already use Google Apps for Education. The internet giant is also offering the free storage to anyone whose school wants to sign up for it.

Google is creating a Drive for Education, which will be free to nonprofit educational institutions, and there are no ads. The company also plans to launch a Google Apps Vault by the end of the year that is a compliance-focused tool for administrators that will allow them to search through files within the school's domain. Google's archiving and discovery tool will also be made free for schools.

Earlier, students using Google Apps for Education got 30 GB of free storage space, but now users will be able to upload individual files up to 5TB in size. The internet giant stated that the Google Apps for Education will be rolled out to all users over the next few weeks.

"Why lug around piles of paper or overstuffed binders," Google Apps for Education Product Manager Ben Schrom asked, "when every type of document or file can be retrieved from the nearest Chromebook, tablet, smartphone or browser?"

In August Google had launched Classroom, a tool that helped helps teachers digitally manage their classes. Schrom says Classroom and Drive for Education "are very complementary. Every file that you use in Classroom is shared in Drive," he said. "So, by bulking Drive up, it only improves Classroom."

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Source: Google For Education