Google expands Gmail Search Field trial to include Calendar results

Gmail Search Field Trial participants can now see results from Google Calendar.

Published Date
28 - Feb - 2013
| Last Updated
28 - Feb - 2013
Google expands Gmail Search Field trial to include Calendar resul...

Google has expanded its Gmail Search Field Trial by adding Calendar results. Now users can find their schedule by simply typing "What is on my calendar today" into the search bar.

“With all that you juggle every day, its easy to lose track of appointments, plans, and reminders. With today's expansion of our Gmail Search Field Trial (, we've added Calendar results to your Gmail and Drive results,” says Google in an post.

“You can learn your entire schedule for the day by searching for [what is on my calendar today]. Or if you'd want to know when you're meeting up with your friend Bryan for lunch, type [when am i meeting bryan]. A search is a search, and with the field trial you can securely see results that are important to you, no matter where the answer may be.”

To recall, Google's field trial is available only after you opt in. The trial brings information from Gmail, reciepts, reservations and even Google Drive documents onto the search engine results page.

Last year, Google added Gmail messages into the search results with an objective to make the search “truly universal”. "Sometimes the best answer to your question isn't available on the public web — it may be contained somewhere else, such as in your email. We think you shouldn't have to be your own mini-search engine to find the most useful information — it should just work,” Google then said in a blog post.