Google Drive adds a search field for hyperlinking in Docs and Slides

Google has added a search field for adding link to websites from documents in your Drive.

Published Date
08 - Aug - 2013
| Last Updated
08 - Aug - 2013
Google Drive adds a search field for hyperlinking in Docs and Sli...

Google has rolled out a useful update to Drive. Now when you hyperlink text in Docs and Slides, Drive will show you top search results from Google, bookmarks in a document and related files on Drive.

“You can hyperlink text in Docs and Slides when you want to attach related information to a word or sentence -- for example, when writing a paper on Athens, you can highlight “Acropolis” and link it to a Google search result, a specific website, a heading or bookmark in your document, or even another file in Drive,” says Google in a post.

“Starting today, the link tool now offers you suggestions based on the text you are hyperlinking just in case you don’t have the URL you need offhand. To try it out, select the text you want and click the “Insert link” icon from the menu bar (or use Ctrl K).”


Google Drive was recently updated with support for 18 new languages - Urdu, Nepali, Sinhalese, Afrikaans, Amharic, Basque, Chinese (Hong Kong), Estonian, French (Canada), Galician, Icelandic, Khmer, Lao, Malaysian, Nepali, Persian, Spanish (Latin America), Swahili, and Zulu.

The Drive also added support for incorporating profile pictures and one-click group chat. The update also brings a new look for anonymous users.