Google doodles birth anniversary of French mathematician Pierre de Fermat

Published Date
17 - Aug - 2011
| Last Updated
17 - Aug - 2011
Google doodles birth anniversary of French mathematician Pierre d...

Google today celebrates the birth anniversary of the famous 16th century French mathematician Pierre de Fermat by posting a dedicated doodle in place of its traditional logo. The doodle dedicated to the legendary mathematician depicts a chalkboard and his famous theorem stating that “no three positive integers x, y, and z can satisfy the equation xn yn = zn for any integer value of n greater than two, as long as x, y, and z are not equal”. Fermat's Last Theorem, also known as Fermat's great theorem, is one of his best known works.

The Fermat's doodle has also a hidden message – “I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this theorem, which this doodle is too small to contain.” – which Pierre de Fermat famously quoted in margin of his copy of the Arithmetica by Diophantus of Alexandria in 1637. The message can be viewed by hovering the mouse pointer on the doodle. The Google doodle comes with a faintly erased Google logo and the theorem mentioned in chalk.


The new Google doodle is jpeg image and is pretty simple as compared to some of the previous doodles from the search engine. Recently, Google celebrated the Indian Independence day with another static doodle depicting the popular Red Fort of Delhi.

Google's doodles have gained massive popularity over the years. And the Google team has come up with unique doodles on events ranging from birthdays to important dates in history. Some of the Google doodle have been interactive as well.

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