Google detects nearly 9,500 malicious websites every day

Published Date
22 - Jun - 2012
| Last Updated
22 - Jun - 2012
Google detects nearly 9,500 malicious websites every day

While providing a detailed report on its anti-malware intiatives, Google recently revealed that it identifies nearly 9,500 new malicious sites every day. Google further says it provides millions of malware-related warnings to Internet users daily. 

Niels Provos from Google's security team said in a blog post that the Internet company finds nearly 9,500 new malicious websites every day, which includes sites that have been victims of cyber attacks or the ones that have been specially developed to spread malware or for phishing. 

"Our detection techniques are highly accurate—we have had only a handful of false positives,” he wrote

Google says about 600 million users of various browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Safari – see million malware/phishing warnings per day for sites they are about to visit. "When we detect malware or phishing, we trigger a red warning screen that discourages clicking through to the website. Our free and public Safe Browsing API allows other organizations to keep their users safe by using the data we've compiled,” Provos wrote. 

Google's detailed report commemorates the fifth anniversary of its Safe Browsing feature, which ensures malware and phishing are kept at bay. Google's Safe Browsing also aims to educate website owners on ways to make their websites secure. 

Google discovers that e-commerce websites mostly suffer from phishing attacks, as most of the phishers are “motivated by money”. Provos adds phishers are geographically dispersed and to avoid detection they stay online for less than an hour. Malware developers, on the other hand, attempt to take control over other websites. 

Source: Google Public Policy Blog

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