Google celebrates Leo Tolstoy's 186th birthday with an interactive doodle

Google has digitally brought to life Leo Tolstoy's most vivid and memorable characters in literature on his 186th birth anniversary.

Published Date
09 - Sep - 2014
| Last Updated
09 - Sep - 2014
Google celebrates Leo Tolstoy's 186th birthday with an interactiv...

Google doodle is celebrating one of the world’s greatest novelist Leo Tolstoy, on the occasion of his 186th birthday. Users can digitally flip through a series of images related to some of Tolstoy's most famous works including Anna Karenina, War and Peace and The Death of Ivan Ilyich.

The Google Doodle is a slideshow of images that begins with Leo Tolstoy writing intently at his desk by candlelight, followed by a series of images depicting the novelists popular scenes from his works. Each work is depicted on two frames, with an introductory slide that features the work's title along with another slide that depicts an important moment in the story.

Google's Russian office suggested bringing Tolstoy's classic works to the digital world and the Doodle will run internationally. "Tolstoy was a great writer," says Roman Muradov, a Russian artist who illustrated the Doodle. "His style would be just as fresh and robust if it was published yesterday. No set of images can sum up a body of work so astonishing in scope, complexity, and vigor - its memorable scenes come to life with seeming effortlessness, fully realized in the immortal lines and between them. Tolstoy's lasting influence is a testament to the power of his art, which will remain relevant as long as the questions of life and death occupy our minds, which is to say - forever," Muradov says.

"We make Doodles mainly as a way to surprise and delight people who come to the Google homepage," says Foster-Dimimno. "We try to select people and events that are in line with our culture—people who have broken boundaries in their field or innovated in remarkable ways."

In August, Google celebrated the Perseid meteor shower with an interactive Doodle. The doodle has soft music playing the background and shows a beautiful night sky criss crossed with meteors and a shooting star.