Google Chrome announces new themes amidst yawns

Published Date
05 - Aug - 2009
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05 - Aug - 2009
Google Chrome announces new themes amidst yawns
Google’s Chrome browser is gaining in popularity and the company wants to spice things up a bit. Unfortunately, it chose to go with boring theme packages that do nothing more than change the colours of the existing interface.
You will require Google Chrome version 3.0.x.x or above to install one of the 29 themes on offer, which can be found here
To install a theme, all you have to do is navigate to the page in your Chrome browser and click on the ‘Apply Theme’ button under a particular entry. The browser will quickly download the theme and start wearing its new clothes.
If you do not like the theme, Chrome provides an option to return to the older theme too.
As TechCrunch points out: “It’s nice to have the option to personalise and skin your browser, but most of these themes are way too distracting. And some, like the ‘Baseball’ theme, make seeing tabs almost impossible.”
What’s more, the themes do not change the look of the buttons, icons, font or any other such element of the entire Chrome skin.
It’s a little saddening to see that the King of the Web can do so little with a dedicated team of professionals to build themes, while Firefox and its open-source community come out with better and more customised packs every few days.
Source: TechCrunch

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