Google Chrome 35 release brings 'OK Google' voice search for all users

The latest version of Chrome adds hands-free voice search for users across all platforms.

Published Date
23 - May - 2014
| Last Updated
23 - May - 2014
Google Chrome 35 release brings 'OK Google' voice search for all...

Google has rolled out a new Chrome 35 browser update that integrates 'Ok Google' command into the latest version of its browser and Chrome OS. The new update is available globally for Windows, Linux and MAC.

The new voice-search feature in Chrome 35 allows users to activate search via the 'OK Google' voice command and simply ask a question. The feature also allows users to set up reminders and timers apart from performing searches. Users can enable the 'OK Google' voice-assist feature by clicking on the microphone icon placed on the main Google search bar, and then enable the feature in in Chrome.

Google announced the update via a blog post that says, "With the latest release of Chrome, all #Chromies can now search by voice in Chrome. Just open a new tab or visit, say 'Ok Google' and take it for a spin."

Google had released this feature in Feb in US via Chrome Beta and has since been rolling it out globally. The update has been rolled out in US English as default and support for additional languages will also be added soon. Google had also announced in February that a new feature for Chrome users called "supervised users" will be introduced which will allow users to add and supervise multiple users in one Google account across devices. The new feature also adds manager controls permissions for each group member and can block users as well. The new 'Supervised users' feature is available for Chrome browsers for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Source: Google