Google Chrome 10 releases with performance, interface, and security enhancements

Published Date
09 - Mar - 2011
| Last Updated
09 - Mar - 2011
Google Chrome 10 releases with performance, interface, and securi...
Google has released the stable version of Chrome 10, which you can update to now through the browser, or download it from here for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Chrome 10 is called “speedier, simpler and safer” than Chrome 9 by Google, with improved JavaScript performance, innumerable bug and security fixes, a sandbox for Flash vulnerabilities, apart from a few interface enhancements.
The Chrome browser was never a slouch in JavaScript performance, and with Chrome 10’s new Crankshaft JavaScript engine, Google is promising gains of up to 66%, as evinced by the V8 benchmark. This, as Google emphasizes on its blog, is great for web apps. GPU-accelerated video is also supported in the latest version.
[RELATED_ARTICLE]Chrome 10 has added some usability features, with a new settings interface running in a tab, which allows users to search for the relevant settings by typing, and, to also share links of those specific settings pages with others.
Google has also added password synchronisation to its browser with Chrome 10, along with encryption. Bookmarks, extensions, themes and other personal features can also be synchronised. Check out videos below of the new settings interface and Flash Player sandboxing.


Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal