Google celebrates the birth of Bollywood song and dance with new doodle

Published Date
14 - Mar - 2011
| Last Updated
14 - Mar - 2011
Google celebrates the birth of Bollywood song and dance with new...

It has been eighty years to the day since the arrival of sound in Indian cinema, and Google is celebrating the occasion with a Google Doodle depicting the first Hindi talkie film – Alam Ara, which was also the first Hindi film to feature a song.

The Google Doodle is surprisingly displayed on the global as well, not just So, in serving as a tribute to the beginning of Bollywood dance and song, Google has also made known a little known fact to the world, and, to most of the younger generation of nostalgia and trivia challenged Indians.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]With its regular doodles dedicated to everything from semi-obscure events to planet spanning festivals, the big daddy of search seems to enjoy taking a little time out and forcing our attention-deficient minds to note the relevance of the date.

Has the doodle piqued your interest? Read up on the March 14th, 1931-released Alam Ara at Wikipedia, and you’ll find some more interesting tidbits to digest, like the fact that police were apparently required to control the crowds at the film's first showing at Majestic cinema hall, Mumbai.

Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal