Google celebrates 224th birthday of Louis Daguerre with daguerreotype doodle

Published Date
18 - Nov - 2011
| Last Updated
18 - Nov - 2011
Google celebrates 224th birthday of Louis Daguerre with daguerreo...

Google today celebrates 224th birth anniversary of French artist and physicist Louis Daguerre by posting a doodle on its homepage. Louis Daguerre is famously known for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. Daguerreotype is said to be the first successful form of photography.

The Daguerre doodle depicts what appears to be a photograph of family of 19th century, with five of the letters in “Google” replacing the heads, and the “l” depicts as a lamp. The 'G' and 'O' of the Google logo depicts father and mother, while remaining three letters depict the children. The initial 'G' of the doodle resembles Daguerrre. Clicking the doodle will direct you to search result page with 'Louis Daguerre' as keyword.

Today's Google doodle is simple yet very artistic. Google recently posted a musical instrument doodle on Children's Day in India. Of late, Google doodles have been very interesting. It celebrated the birth anniversary of legendary singer Freddie Mercury with a video doodle. It also posted an interactive musical doodle to honour Les Paul. Google recently paid tribute to stop motion animation pioneer Arthur Art Clockey by posting a doodle that featured Clokey's popular Gumby characters.

Check out below some of the recent doodles: