Google+ boss Horowitz launches scathing attack on Facebook

Published Date
29 - Nov - 2012
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29 - Nov - 2012
Google+ boss Horowitz launches scathing attack on Facebook

Responding to comments that Google feels like another failed attempt at Social Networking by the search giant, Google VP Bradley Horowitz delivered a rather clear bunch of statistics, at the Business Insider’s IGNITION conference in New York. Scoffing at these notions, Horowitz said Google has 400 million registered users, and 100 million of them log in at least once a month. The Google chief then went on to slam rival social network, Facebook.

"In designing Google , we keep thinking about the real world, the way people actually are", said Horowitz. "We're trying to make a product that's ergonomic for the way our attention is wired." He then proceeded to tear into Facebook. He was very critical of the advertisements that now adorn everyone’s timeline on Facebook. "Jamming ads and agendas into user streams is pissing off users and frustrating brands too," he said. "That's not the way the world works."

He also touched on the point of recommendations, and when they are relevant and when they turn into noise. His idea of such recommendations to work is intent. "It turns out these are very valuable to users to have recommendations by the people they trust," he said. "Instead of sandwich boards... we revert back to the fundamentals of fulfilling the need the user has."

In one final swipe, Horowitz said, Facebook has "to make payroll by jamming users with ads". In a follow-up question about whether Google will ever incorporate adverts on Google , he simply responded, “if there's an effective way to add them without upsetting users. We aren't struggling with how to monetize. We have real plans."

But in a clear indication that the Google VP knows the race to catch up with Facebook is a rather long one, he added, "Google may not be the place where you go and wish your friend a happy birthday, it's not yet there."

Facebook recently celebrated crossing the 1 billion user mark, while Google has 400 million signed up users and 100 million who are active.

Source: CNET


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