Google Apps to add increased connectivity for Reader, Picasa, AdWords, News and more

Published Date
07 - May - 2010
| Last Updated
07 - May - 2010
Google Apps to add increased connectivity for Reader, Picasa, AdW...

Google Apps already had great connectivity with Gmail, Docs, Chat, Video, Calendar, and Groups. Now, Google has said that it will be expanding that connectivity to Reader, AdWords, News, Finance, Picasa, and other Google services, thereby allowing users a much more unified approach to their work, and not requiring them to switch between personal and work accounts to use them.

Google said that 9 out of the top 20 product suggestions for Google Apps request for just this expansion of connectivity, with thousands of users wanting their Google App accounts to work in synchronization with the other services from Google. The new functionalities will roll out as a new interface later this year in the American fall, and will be available for all Google Apps customers, from Standard to Premier and Education edition users. It also said that those “customers who would like more control over the timing of this change will be able to make the switch voluntarily during the summer.”

Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal