Gmail's quick-access side panel now rolling out for Google Docs and Calendar

The side panel enables quick access to Google Keep, Tasks and Calendar.

Published Date
28 - Aug - 2018
| Last Updated
28 - Aug - 2018
Gmail’s quick-access side panel now rolling out for Google Docs a...

Google introduced a quick-access panel with the new redesigned Gmail from where a user can quickly get to Calendar, Google Tasks and Keep. With the new addition, users need not keep several other tabs open for accessing the said services. This side panel is now being introduced to the company’s other services like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. The news was announced via Google’s G-Suite blogs and the company hopes that the new addition will help users with their work in a more efficient manner. Additionally, the new side panel will be available for Google Calendar as well. Same as it is with Gmail, the side panel stays minimised until a user clicks on the Tasks or Keep icon. The new feature will be rolled out within a couple of weeks. 

Speaking of Gmail, its Android version was recently updated with the option to unsend an email. The new feature was earlier restricted to the Web version of Gmail, but with the updated version 8.7 of its Android app, users will be able to undo a sent message. After the message is sent, one will see the notification at the bottom of the screen that now “Sent” on the left corner and “Undo” on the right side. This notification is displayed on the screen for a few seconds and tapping on the “Undo” option will stop the email from being sent and return you to the draft page. 

Google has also announced rolling out ‘Confidential Mode’ for Gmail on iOS and Android. With the new feature, users can send emails that expire after a set amount of time. Additionally, recipients of these emails will not be able to forward, copy, print or download them. However, they will still be able to take screenshots if they want. Further, recipients who have malicious programs installed on their computer may still be able to copy or download the sent messages or attachments. You can learn more about the feature here.

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