Gmail services restored after a brief outage

Published Date
11 - Dec - 2012
| Last Updated
11 - Dec - 2012
Gmail services restored after a brief outage

Earlier today, Gmail was down for a matter of minutes and users were unable to access their mail. The outage was first reported on social networking accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, but the service now seems to be up and running. Many users received a 502 server errors when visiting their Gmail account.

As of writing this report, all our Gmail accounts seem to be functioning properly. We have even checked our Google Chrome and Google Drive and the services seem to be running just fine.

According to the Next Web, “Scattered reports of other Google products like Calendar, Google Play, Google Drive in Chrome and Google Docs going down are also being seen. The possibility that this is an authentication issue seems fairly high, especially as that system is used to sync Chrome and various services. This would cause the seemingly unrelated services issues to crash Chrome.

Google’s last major outage was back in April where roughly 10% of Gmail global user base (approx. 35 million customers) were affected. During that outage, many were unable to use their Gmail accounts and in some cases, their Google Apps-powered email accounts. 

Source: ZDNet
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