Gmail now recognizes email ids with non Latin characters

Google makes Gmail more global, adds support for recognizing non-Latin and accented characters.

Published Date
06 - Aug - 2014
| Last Updated
06 - Aug - 2014
Gmail now recognizes email ids with non Latin characters

Google has now announced that Gmail now recognizes email addresses with non-Latin and accented characters. This new feature is already available for Gmail, and Google says it will coming for Calendar in the near future.

Google is adopting an email standard introduced by Internet Engineering Task Force in 2012 and says this will encourage broad adoption of the new standard across other email providers in the future. Gmail users will now be able to send an receive emails from others with email addresses containing non-Latin characters, though they wont be able to create emails using those characters yet. Google plans to roll out the support for account creation in accented characters soon.

Pedro Chaparro Monferrer, Software Engineer, Google says:

"In 2012, an organization called the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) created a new email standard that supports addresses with non-Latin and accented Latin characters (e.g. 武@メール.グーグル). In order for this standard to become a reality, every email provider and every website that asks you for your email address must adopt it. That's obviously a tough hill to climb. The technology is there, but someone has to take the first step."

Monferrer further says, "today we're ready to be that someone. Starting now, Gmail (and shortly, Calendar) will recognize addresses that contain accented or non-Latin characters. This means Gmail users can send emails to, and receive emails from, people who have these characters in their email addresses. Of course, this is just a first step and there’s still a ways to go. In the future, we want to make it possible for you to use them to create Gmail accounts".

Google recently announced support for thirteen additional languages for its popular Gmail service. In May, Google rolled out an updated version of its Gmail app for Android, that allows users to save to Google Drive, spam explanations, improved RTL (right-to-left) language support and much more.

Source: Gmail Blog