Gmail adds unsubscribe button to help reduce spam emails

With a dedicated unsubscribe button, Gmail makes it easier to get rid of spam mails.

Published Date
26 - Feb - 2014
| Last Updated
26 - Feb - 2014
Gmail adds unsubscribe button to help reduce spam emails

Google has added an unsubscribe button at the top of the messages to opt out of pesky emails. This will help Google differentiate between spam and promotional content.

Gmail had got a new look last year with separate folders for Promotions, Social and Primary emails. The new unsubscribe button will further help Google differentiate between emails. The unsubscribe link will be placed next to the sender’s address in the email when it’s coming from a promotional company or other marketer. Putting the unsubscribe button in the header will provide users with easy access to unsubscribing and reduce the incidence of users reporting legitimate marketing emails as spam when they can't locate the unsubscribe options.

Once you click on the unsubscribe button, the user wont go through the marketers’ standard unsubscribe options but Google will send an preset email to the company requesting it excludes you from future promotional messages.

Google announced the rollout at the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group conference in San Francisco last week.

“One of the biggest problems with the Gmail spam filter is identifying unwanted mail or soft spam,” Google’s Vijay Eranti, head of anti-abuse efforts at Gmail, said recently at an industry conference in San Francisco. “We want to empower users with an easy way to control what they want to receive.”

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Source: ITWorld