Facebook's latest update gives you a more personalised news feed

Facebook's latest update gives News Feed Preferences settings which will let you prioritize the updates you see, and streamline News Feed content

Published Date
10 - Jul - 2015
| Last Updated
06 - Jun - 2017
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Facebook's latest update gives you a more personalised news feed

Facebook has added a News Feed Preferences update to its iOS app, allowing users to streamline their news feed content even better. Users can now select people whose updates they would want to see, and unfollow the ones they wish to avoid. Updates from preferred people will appear on the timeline with a star by their side.

Recently, Facebook stated that timeline content will be streamlined based on the relative time a user spent looking at a post, and not just likes, shares and comments. As part of attempting to improve user experience in the maverick social media network, Facebook also started providing suggestive status updates, to give users a more convenient and intuitive experience while on Facebook. The addition of News Feed Preferences will now clean up the timeline even better, thereby making the experience more personal.

Additionally, you can also 'favourite' brands and personalities to filter the pages whose updates you would like to see, thereby avoiding random updates. The update has already been rolled out to iOS devices, and will follow soon on the web and Android. Another new feature being added by Facebook is the page suggestion. Facebook will tally the pages you've liked, and suggest similar pages you might want to like or follow.

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