Facebook updates Page Insights to make it clearer and simpler

The update is likely to make it easier for businesses to use Page Insights as well as better understand audience reactions to their Pages.

Published Date
20 - Jun - 2013
| Last Updated
20 - Jun - 2013
Facebook updates Page Insights to make it clearer and simpler

Facebook has announced updating Page Insights, the analytical tool that is used by Businesses to monitor performance of their Pages on the social network. Facebook says the update includes improvements to the way Page is organised and fundamental metrics is reported.

Facebook further explains it has made the metrics clear and simpler. It says it's breaking People Talking About This (PTAT) into elements that will now be reported as separately as Page Likes, People Engaged (this includes unique likes, comments and shares), Page tags and mentions, checkins and other aspects on a Page. However, admins not participating in the new Insights preview can still access the PTAT as a combined metric.

There's also special focus on virality. Facebook has included clicks in the virality metric and renamed “virality” to “engagement rate”

“We also heard that the virality metric in Page Insights is often used as a benchmark for Page post quality. However, this metric doesn't include clicks in its measurement, which are a strong indicator of positive post engagement and a key piece in providing marketers with metrics around overall post quality,” commented Facebook in a detailed blog post.

The social networking company also aims to help marketers create and publish content. In the new Page Insights, Facebook will aggregate all these metrics into a post-specific score card, allowing marketers to evaluate positive and negative metrics together. The update will help Page admins to provide better content to followers.

Also, updated Page insights enables admins to see not only whom they've reached but also they've engaged. This update is supposed to enable Page admins identify what content is “resonating with what audiences, to better inform their Page content and strategy”.

You can read more about Facebook's update to Page Insights here.