Facebook to reveal revamped Newsfeed on March 7

The social networking giant will be showing off an updated Newsfeed at a media event next week.

Published Date
03 - Mar - 2013
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03 - Mar - 2013
Facebook to reveal revamped Newsfeed on March 7

Facebook has sent out invites for a March 7 event at its Menlo Park headquarters, where the social networking giant will unveil a revamped Newsfeed section, more than a year after its last major update to the feature, in September 2011.

The 'Newsfeed' section of Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most used features of the social network, with users either scrolling through the constantly updated stream of friends' and families' posts on its dedicated page, or keeping abreast with it via the right-pane.

Mark Zuckerberg calls the Newsfeed one of the three 'pillars' of Facebook, which include Search and Profiles. Facebook previously made headlines this year when it launched its social search feature – Facebook Graph Search. While the service is pretty neat, it has yet to see much adoption according to our polls, with a significant portion of users not having tried it yet.

Apart from social search and its related collaborations, Facebook has in the recent past been concentrating on the mobile platform, from the smartphone apps, to the mobile site and entry-level phone access. The recently revamped Facebook Messenger service brings WhatsApp-like IM features including voice and video messaging, and in some regions, even free voice calling.

Stay tuned for further coverage of Facebook's March 7 event, with in-depth analysis of the new features, and how they will affect the way you stay up-to-date and interact (online) with your friends.

Source: Reuters

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