Facebook to launch auto-play video ads: Reports

Facebook newsfeed may get more annoying for some users as the social networking company plans to launch auto-play video adverts in the near future.

Published Date
09 - May - 2013
| Last Updated
09 - May - 2013
Facebook to launch auto-play video ads: Reports

Facebook has been looking to monetise its various features for quite some time. The Social Networking giant has already launched pay to promote posts features for general users and brands (Pages). It was recently spotted testing 'pay to message' option that would allow users to message strangers on Facebook by shelling out certain amount. And now the latest reports suggest Facebook will soon add video adverts to its newsfeed.

These short video clips will play automatically, but will have no audio. According to reports, these video clips will be not longer than 15 seconds, while users will have the option switch on/off the audio. If a user chooses to switch on the audio, the video will start from the beginning.

Facebook has reportedly partnered with brands such as Coca Cola, Ford, and American Express auto-play video ads. Facebook will reportedly showcase trial ads from members of its advisory client council board, which also includes Unilver, Nestlé and Diago.

According to reports, Facebook will show commercial video from one advertiser in any one day; it will be charging brands “low $20s” per thousand views, irrespective of audio turned on or off.

The auto-play video ads are likely to turn off several Facebook users. However, the feature will provide a huge potential to the social networking giant to boost its revenues. Google's video sharing site YouTube extensively uses skippable and non-skippable ads to generate money.

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Source: Telegraph.co.uk