Facebook to change News Feed algorithm, show more friends' posts

Facebook announced three updates to users' News Feeds, all centered around bringing more content posted directly by your friends.

Published Date
22 - Apr - 2015
| Last Updated
22 - Apr - 2015
Facebook to change News Feed algorithm, show more friends' posts

Facebook is planning to change the way your news feed works. No, don’t let that exasperated sigh out yet. It’s actually good. The social networking firm is trying to change the way your news feed handles posts from your friends. This means posts made by your friends will now show up on top of your News Feed instead of brands marketing themselves. Know more about: Facebook messenger for web

So, things like images, videos and status updates are going to get precedence over advertisements. In addition, direct posts by friends will take precedence over indirect ones, meaning, a status update by your friend will get first preference over the same friend liking someone else’s picture or status.

According to Facebook, the decision has been taken based on user feedback about their news feeds. The company asked its users to rate the activity on their news feeds and seems to have concluded that such a change is required. In fact, Facebook has announced a total of three updates. Facebook News Feed and the Quality Content

In addition to increased posts from friends, the social network is also relaxing the rule that disallowed users from seeing multiple posts from the same person on the news feed. According to Facebook, users with less content on their news feed will be allowed to get multiple stories from the same person.

Lastly, Facebook says that these changes may also affect individuals and businesses that own Pages on the network. The company says that based on a Page’s user base, the reach may decline initially, but advises that posts should still be made based on user preference.

You can read Facebook's entire announcement here.

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