Facebook tests 'Sell something' button in groups

Facebook 'Sell something' button will let users buy products from each other.

Published Date
19 - Dec - 2014
| Last Updated
19 - Dec - 2014
Facebook tests ‘Sell something’ button in groups

Facebook is testing a new feature that lets users sells items on the social networking site. The new feature has appeared for some users, and may be rolled out globally soon.

Users will see a 'Sell Something' button next to 'Write Post' when they try to post in Facebook groups. When users click on 'Sell Something', they will be able to add basic information about the product including the description, price, pictures and delivery options.

Once you share the information, buyers will be able to send offers and discuss the sale via the comment box seen beneath all Facebook posts. The social networking site doesn't do anything further to facilitate the deal, just formats the post nicely with clear prices and pricing details. A Facebook help page suggests that in case of disputes, the buyer should contact the seller and that Facebook is not responsible for any transactions made through the social networking website.

Facebook states, "Any transaction made through a Facebook group is between you and the seller," the notice reads. "Keep in mind Facebook doesn't own or possess any items a seller lists, so if you have any questions about the things you're buying in a Facebook group, try contacting the seller."

Earlier this year new code was discovered in a modified version of the Facebook Messenger, that will allow person-to-person payment interfaces. Combining this with the 'sell something' button would soon mean a system whereby users post listings on their group wall, then pay directly through the messenger app. The new feature should worry classifieds websites such as Quikr and OLX which don't have the reach that Facebook with its 1.35 billion monthly active users does.

Facebook stated to TNW, "We are testing a new feature within Facebook Groups to help people better organize posts about items they'd like to sell to other people on Facebook. This is a small test limited to select Facebook Groups that have active selling communities today."

Source: Facebook, TNW