Facebook testing "things in common" label to show what you have in common with strangers

The new Facebook label shows up when browsing through the comments of a public post or page. It will highlight information that a user has in common with someone who isn't in their friend list.

Published Date
27 - Aug - 2018
| Last Updated
27 - Aug - 2018
Facebook testing “things in common” label to show what you have i...

Back in June, Facebook announced that there are now over 2 billion users on the social media platform. In order to make its service more engaging, the company is testing a new label to identify what its users that are not friends have in common with each other. Facebook confirmed to CNET that the new feature is called “things in common” and is currently being tested with a small group of users in the US. As the name suggests, the new feature will highlight and display a label of what users have in common with random strangers when browsing on the social media platform. 

The new label is said to show up while browsing through the comments on a public post. When someone comments on a post, the feature will highlight information that a user has in common with the person who has commented on the post, like they both are from the same hometown, or they went to the same school. As per the report, only publicly available information is displayed on the labels. The new feature will also show up when users are a part of the same public Facebook group, or if they work for the same company but are not friends on Facebook. 

"Knowing shared things in common helps people connect," a Facebook spokeswoman told CNET in a statement. "We're testing adding a 'things in common' label that will appear above comments from people who you're not friends with but you might have something in common with." The new feature can be considered to be an extension of the “People You May Know” recommendations that suggests new people to befriend on Facebook. 

An earlier report tipped that in order to measure the credibility of users and identify malicious actors who spread fake news on the platform, Facebook has been developing an algorithm to assign its users a reputation score to predict their trustworthiness on a scale from zero to one. The rating system is said to have been developed over the past year. You can read more about it here.

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