Facebook simplifies its Privacy Policy page to make it more user-friendly

Published Date
01 - Mar - 2011
| Last Updated
01 - Mar - 2011
Facebook simplifies its Privacy Policy page to make it more user-...

It hardly seems fair to even call this news anymore, but the Facebook Privacy policy has changed yet again. Changes to Facebook's privacy settings have always been a point of contention, despite Facebook's reassurances. What is different this time, is that the actual terms of the policy have not changed, instead the policy page has been simplified such that an average user may be able to understand its intricacies.

One shouldn’t have to consult their lawyer just to know exactly what happens when they click the “Like” button on Facebook, and this fact seems to have finally hit home. Legal documents are written such that it is impossible to derive a misinterpretation, but often it becomes difficult for the average user to derive any interpretation at all.

The new Data Use Policy outlines how and where your data is used, under what condition, and what control you have over the same. The policy is divided into clear, easy-to-understand sections:

Facebook is looking for feedback on this latest change, visually and textually comparing it to their current official policy. If the feedback if positive, Facebook will consider making this their official policy.

Of course since this is not a update to the policy itself, so at best it will put your mind at ease, and at worse it will tell you exactly how badly your privacy has been “violated”.