Facebook's awesome announcement: Skype-powered video chat

Published Date
07 - Jul - 2011
| Last Updated
07 - Jul - 2011
Facebook's awesome announcement: Skype-powered video chat

Putting an end to all sorts of speculation, Facebook has finally unveiled its much-hyped “awesome” feature – video chat service! Addressing a press event in at the Silicon Valley headquarters, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the video chat would be powered by Skype and that the users could video chat with the people in their friend list. The major announcement comes days after Zuckerberg talked about “something awesome” to be incorporated in Facebook. Speculations ran rife after Zuckerger's “awesome” teaser as the tech world made a range of predictions for that.

Facebook has reworked on its chat segment to make space for video calling. To launch the video chat, Facebook users will need a camera-equipped computer. Then they need to select the friend they want to video chat. As the chat window pops up, click on the small blue video icon. This will bring up the video chat feature. The first time users will be prompted to download an .exe file to install the setup for the video chat. After installation, the user is all set for the face-to-face chat.


Facebook video call feature is apparently a great push for Skype, which will be soon taken over by Microsoft. Facebook's major announcement comes in the backdrop of escalating competition in Internet market, especially in social networking segment. Google made its fresh foray into social networking platform with Google plus, which is already has video chat feature. In additions, sites such as Twitter are becoming increasingly popular. Facebook hopes the new feature will prompt the user to stay on the website.

The video call feature is a welcome addition but certainly not a new thing for the users who already have their hands on Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Skype. The new update seems more like a response to Google, which is making all out efforts to promote Google plus. Google's new social networking site has similar features like Facebook. However, Google has managed to create ample interest with its video chat function.

With Facebook stressing on the number game (nearly 750 million users), it will be really interesting to see how its rivals deal with the new maneuver!

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