Facebook replaces 'Hide All' button with 'Unfollow'

The new Facebook feature allows you to block content from select friends on the network without unfriending them on the network.

Published Date
04 - Dec - 2013
| Last Updated
04 - Dec - 2013
Facebook replaces 'Hide All' button with 'Unfollow'

Social networking site Facebook has started rolling out a new feature that allows users to unfollow friends whose comments and updates they want to remove from their News Feed.

The unfollow button replaces Hide all feature that has been on the Facebook News Feed for a while, but many people were not aware about it. The unfollow button, however, will be placed prominently next to 'Message' button and will tell you whether you are following a friend or not. You can choose to disable it and be only friends with your friends.

The follow and unfollow button have been on other social networking sites like Twitter, etc for quiet a while and Facebook seems to be standardising its language with the new feature. Facebook is slowly trying to make the distinction between friends and followers wider now. Facebook started the Follow feature a while back, allowing users to follow someone without being friends with them on Facebook. Now, the opposite is also possible you can be friends with someone without having to share their daily updates and stories on your News Feed.

"This means you are still friends, but updates from that person won't appear in your News Feed. The goal of this change is to help people curate their newsfeed and see more of the content that they care about," Facebook said in an email.

Facebook recently added a new feature to chat, that shows whether your friends are online on the web or through mobile. The feature will help users interact with each other while they are on their desktops or on mobile. People of desktops can share longer messages and media files, while people on mobile phones may be inclined to give shorter replies.

Source: Reuters