Facebook releases its long-awaited iPad app

Published Date
11 - Oct - 2011
| Last Updated
11 - Oct - 2011
Facebook releases its long-awaited iPad app

After several months of speculation, rumours and anticipation, Facebook has officially joined Apple's tablet revolution by launching its first official iPad app. To ensure that iPad users get the full Facebook experience, the social networking company has paired the new app with improvements to its mobile version. [RELATED_ARTICLE]

The free download promises to deliver full-screen features and improved functionality, tailor made For IPads. Users can also view larger photos with a vivid slideshow on-the-go. Facebook has also introduced support for social games on the mobile versions of its online service. The search bar is located at the top of the left-hand navigation menu, which also includes groups, lists, games and apps. The notifications and messages appear at the top every screen.

The iPad users can enjoy video chatting with friends, IM, and play games using the full-screen mode. The app also enables the users to watch and record HD videos. Check out more details on Facebook's iPad here.

Facebook's iPad app was rumoured to be launched at the F8 event held late last month. Later, it was rumoured that the new iPhone 4S will come with a Facebook app. However, it was a no-show in both the cases.

Earlier, Facebook had announced upgrading the mobile version of the site. The company revealed that it had nearly 350 million subscribers across the world accessing the mobile version of the social networking site each month.

“Now, people who use Facebook on the iPhone, the iPad, and the mobile web site (m.facebook.com), will get bookmarks to the mobile versions of these apps," Facebook's Like Sheppard wrote. "When users tap your app bookmark in our iPhone and iPad apps, we will launch it (if your native iOS app is installed). If your app is not installed, we will redirect the user to the iTunes app store. On our mobile website (m.facebook.com) bookmarks will link to mobile web version of your app."

Check out below screen shots of the new Facebook app for iPad:

See all your photo albums

View an individual photo


Use the left-hand navigation to get around

Get notifications and messages at the top of every screen


See and send messages