Facebook now lets users ask for personal information of their friends

Facebook just got creepier with a new (anti) privacy feature - an "Ask" button that also lets you ask your friends if they are single or not.

Published Date
20 - May - 2014
| Last Updated
20 - May - 2014
Facebook now lets users ask for personal information of their fri...

Social networking giant, Facebook, which is usually known for prying into users' personal information, has rolled out a new feature in the form of a button called "Ask". The button is associated with information that a user hasn't specified. If a user has not declared his/her relationship status, friends of that user can now ask about it. The button is visible to the person who is checking out a profile.

The new ask button doesn't only work for relationship statuses but also lets users ask about work, college, school, address and other personal information. Basically, all the information that has not been mentioned by a specific user will have an ask button next to each for the friends of that user.

The feature was quietly rolled out by Facebook quietly without any announcements. 

Once a user receives an ask inquiry, he/she will get a notification from that friend (along with a personal message if they chose to write one) and then a list of options for replying - options that are themselves taken from other friends' profiles.

For most users, this new feature might just become a new tool to annoy others. Then there will be some users who will be ready to share any personal information with another user that 'asked' him/her about it. Also, there is no obligation for any user to reply to any requests sent by friends.

Source: CNET