Facebook is reportedly testing self-destructing posts

Soon you will be able to schedule deletion of your post.

Published Date
11 - Sep - 2014
| Last Updated
11 - Sep - 2014
Facebook is reportedly testing self-destructing posts

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow users to schedule a post for deletion. Also being dubbed as self-destruct posts, the new feature is likely to be similar to the schedule posts  feature of Pages.

Confirming the test, a Facebook spokesperson told The Huffington Post: “We’re running a small pilot of a feature on Facebook for iOS that lets people schedule deletion of their posts in advance.”

Currently, it's not clear when Facebook started the test, but according to reports a few users have spotted the option called - “Choose Expiration” on their Facebook posts.

The new feature is very interesting as it gives user more control, and be more creative with posts on the social network. The feature can be used for announcing any event, birthday celebration or may be a relationship.

Facebook's new feature is evidently inspired from Snapchat. It's notable Facebook has already launched a Snapchat rival, Slingshot.

Source: TheHuffingtonPost