Facebook is doubling down on "engagement-bait" posts

In an attempt to remove posts that beg for likes, shares and comments from people's news feed, Facebook has trained a machine learning model to demote engagement-bait posts.

Published Date
19 - Dec - 2017
| Last Updated
19 - Dec - 2017
Facebook is doubling down on “engagement-bait” posts

Starting this week, Facebook will double down on removing spammy posts from your timeline. The social networking giant wants to demote “engagement bait” posts that push users to taking actions like tagging, sharing, liking, or commenting. Engagement-bait posts that asks to “tag a friend who love chocolate” are popular because they trick Facebook’s algorithms which leads to the posts showing up on multiple news feeds. Facebook is working to remove that menace. However, posts that ask people for advice, recommendations and  help will not be affected by the change.

In order to implement this, Facebook analysed and categorised hundreds of thousands of posts and taught a machine learning model to detect a variety of engagement bait posts.

Facebook will also implement stricter demotions for pages that continue posting engagement-bait posts repeatedly through “significant drops” in reach, although the company has given page admins a few weeks to adapt to the change.

Facebook had earlier tweaked its news feed to tackle clickbait posts and remove fake likes, junk posts and spam comments from posts.

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