Facebook introduces Memories, a one-stop source for all your moments from the past

'On This Day' will continue to show up in this new page.

Published Date
12 - Jun - 2018
| Last Updated
12 - Jun - 2018
Facebook introduces Memories, a one-stop source for all your mome...

In recent times, Facebook has been becoming increasingly keen on whisking users away to memory lane and now it shows just how serious they are about it. Facebook is introducing a new page on its website called Memories. It’s one single place for all Facebook moments from the past. This includes old posts, photos, friendships created, and major life events.

According to Facebook’s Product Manager, Oren Hod, who announced the introduction of Facebook Memories in a blog post yesterday, “Every day more than 90 million people use On This Day to reminisce about these moments they’ve shared on Facebook, and research suggests this kind of reflection can have a positive impact on people’s mood and overall well-being.”

Facebook Memories will include sections that most users of this popular social network are already familiar with. On This Day will continue to show past posts and major life events from that particular date. Friends Made On This Day will show a list of people you became friends with on this date. Recaps of Memories will regularly create a short montage or text of memorable moments from the past. Memories You May Have Missed will show posts the user may have forgotten to see from the past week. 

On the website, Memories can be accessed from the bookmark on the left-hand side of the News Feed. On smartphones, it can be found under the ‘more’ tab on the bottom right side of the app. Punching in facebook.com/memories on the browser’s address bar will also lead the user to the same place.

This new feature comes several days after Facebook announced an easier way of logging in to the website and app. Facebook now allows third-party authentication apps to achieve two-factor authentication, thus eliminating the need for collecting the user’s phone number.

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