Facebook ditches grid view for a mosaic-styled UI for the Photos section

Published Date
31 - Jul - 2012
| Last Updated
31 - Jul - 2012
Facebook ditches grid view for a mosaic-styled UI for the Photos...

With over 300 million photos being uploaded on Facebook daily, it was only time that the grid-style layout of Facebook photos would be revamped. It would seem unnatural if Facebook did not force new changes down our throats every few months. So keeping with that tradition, Facebook announced an update to its Photos section yesterday promising a mosaic-style UI layout.

The stress on this new Facebook update is to make photographs fill up your screen space with high quality photographs. On first glance, this new update does look strikingly similar to the Google photo viewer.

There are now three new tabs atop the Facebook Photos section called Photos of You, Photos (that you have shared) and Albums (that you have created). If you hover your mouse on top of a photograph, you get options to highlight it, post it to your Timeline, like as well as comment on it. This integrates the photos section quite well with Facebook's Timeline.

The update will start rolling out in the coming weeks according to the Facebook release. There were no details on implementation of the same on its mobile app.

Close integration with Timeline

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