Facebook defends increased ads on the network

Facebook defends increased space for commercial ads on the network, reveals about 63 percent of its users connected with brands on site.

Published Date
05 - Dec - 2013
| Last Updated
05 - Dec - 2013
Facebook defends increased ads on the network

Responding to the criticism for giving more space to ads, Facebook says more than 63 percent users connect with commercial brands that advertise on the social networking site. Facebook points out consumers are not protesting against the ads.

Helen Crossley, Facebook Australia’s head of measurements and insight, adds 63 percent of local users regularly ‘connected with brands’ on the site. The social networking giant disclosed that 9 million Australians visited the site every day.

The report reveals that Facebook users spent 12 percent of their total media consumption time on the site, while 33 percent of users engaged with politics on the site. About 40 percent posted news articles and 32 percent used it to keep up with current affairs.

The social media giant recently faced backlash for exposure of teenagers to alcohol brands on the site. Privacy agents added that teenagers are a substantial part of the site and exposure to alcohol ads can lead to risky behavior in teens.

According to a recent study by Digital marketing tech company Kenshoo, paid search ads coupled with Facebook ads yield 30 percent more returns. The study showed a positive lift in average order value as well when the two ad channels were combined, by approx 24 percent, suggesting that “consumers who were exposed to social advertising became higher value customers."

Kensoo said in the report," The fact that Facebook advertising on its own during this study was declared a successful initiative and had such a strong impact on paid search is indicative of the power of the platform.”

Source: DNA, Kenshoo