Facebook brings follow option with 'Subscribe' button

Published Date
15 - Sep - 2011
| Last Updated
15 - Sep - 2011
Facebook brings follow option with 'Subscribe' button

Facebook has launched a Subscribe button, which allows users to follow the public updates of others, without necessarily having to be approved friends. Facebook says the new button gives more control to users on their news feed and accounts.


The Subscribe button helps connect you with "interesting people you're not friends with—like journalists, artists and political figures," Blake Ross, director of product at Facebook, wrote in a blog


. To start using this feature all you need to do is click on “subscribe” button available on someone's profile page. It is notable that you will not be “friends” with that person and you will be only able to see their updates that are for public view.

"Just like with friends, you can choose how many and what types of updates you see after you've subscribed," adds Ross. To add the Subscribe button, go to the subscription page and click on "Allow Subscribers."

Facebook users also have option to decide who can comment and what notifications they receive after allowing subscribers. The Subscriber tab will be available on your profile, through which can find out who subscribes to you. Facebook has already started rolling out the Subscribe feature and will be available to all users in coming days.

Facebook's new feature is apparently similar to Twitter, which allows users to follow others, including those whom they do not know and see their public posts in a timeline. The new Facebook button gives same power to Facebook users.

Soon after the launch of Google , Facebook has made some significant improvements in its site. It recently announced some new features to streamline grouping of friends and improve privacy settings. Prior to these, Facebook rolled out video chat feature, which it did not possess when Google launched with its video chat feature.

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