Ello, the privacy focused social network, goes public

At a time when companies are after your data, Ello seeks to appease with its privacy-first ethos.

Published Date
19 - Jun - 2015
| Last Updated
22 - Jun - 2015
Ello, the privacy focused social network, goes public

Since Edward Snowden’s revelations, we all have become concerned for our privacy, and seizing this opportunity, Ello, the privacy-focused social network that went live last September, has gotten rid of its invite system and is now available for everyone.

Ello’s founders are targeting users who are unhappy with companies like Google and Facebook that offer services for free in exchange for user data which they use to deliver advertisements. Keeping this in mind, Ello doesn’t display any advertisements and its founders have promised that it will not record or sell your data, and that it will remain free of advertisers.

With respect to revenue generation, Ello’s founders have stated that they will earn money by charging for small premium features built into the social network.