Digital India growth can be monitored with this cool Google website

Google has launched a website,, with the hope to track the country's digital progress

Published Date
10 - Dec - 2015
| Last Updated
11 - Dec - 2015
Digital India growth can be monitored with this cool Google websi...

Digital India is the way forward, and Google is looking to cash in on this growing trend in India. Google’s official blog reads, “With over 300 million Internet users in the country and another 200 million Indians set to join by 2017, the Internet is opening up huge opportunities for Indian businesses and entrepreneurs. India’s Small and Medium businesses (SMBs), especially technology startups are starting to bloom and investments have led to an explosion in India’s tech sector in recent years. At over 4,100 enterprises, India has the third-highest number of tech startups in the world, this number is expected to reach several thousand by 2020”.

Internet connectivity is one of the biggest concerns of the country. The government is working towards bringing Internet connectivity to rural India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is impressed with Google’s Project Loon, and it is possible that we will see the technology in India, soon. Google believes that the web will empower Indians, help businesses grow, and is great for the Indian economy.  

Google further says, ”At Google, we believe that a connected India with access to the web will empower Indians, help businesses grow, open new opportunities for education for the next generation and create growth for the Indian economy. We’re focussed on getting the next billion people online and the majority of them will come from India. We want to make sure they have a great, reliable, and relevant experience when they get there”. 

So, how do you monitor growth in a country where Internet connectivity isn’t everywhere, and tech startups have been sprouting all over the country? You launch a website, of course!

“As we continue to work towards this vision, we’re very excited to launch a dedicated destination (, where we attempt to capture how this digital revolution is unfolding in India. With real stories of entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses, this destination showcases how they’re achieving their dreams, goals and aspirations, and how Google is enabling them in these achievements. The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has launched the Digital India vision focussed on empowerment, development, growth and governance. With this destination, we want to showcase what that vision will translate into, by sharing the development and growth powered by SMBs, Indian Startups, entrepreneurs  and publishers”. 

You can read the complete Google India Blog about Digital India with Google here.

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