Cybersecurity to account for 1 million jobs in India by 2025: NASSCOM

NASSCOM has also said that cyber-security is expected to create a revenue opportunity of $35 billion in India, by 2025

Published Date
19 - Apr - 2016
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19 - Apr - 2016
Cybersecurity to account for 1 million jobs in India by 2025: NAS...

Cybersecurity is expected to account for about a million professionals in India by 2025, and also create a revenue opportunity of about $35 billion. According to a report by PTI, NASSCOM Chair for Cyber Security Task Force, Rajesh Pawar, said, “We estimate that cybersecurity is about $2.5-3 billion (roughly Rs. 16,635 crores - Rs. 19,962 crores) or about 2 percent of the close to $150 billion (roughly Rs. 9,981,46 crores) Indian IT sector. With the sector on track to reach $350 billion by 2025, we estimate 10 percent of this to be cyber-security.”

Pawar also expects to see about 1,000 startups coming up in the field of cyber security. He says that this is because the startups will utilise the best technologies. These have already generated a lot of interest from investors as enterprises are looking to stay secure against the rising threat of cyber attacks.

NASSCOM, along with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) and Symantec, has also launched the National Occupational Standards for 10 cyber security-related jobs. The aim of this is to create a pool of certified cyber security professionals in India. Symantec has also instituted scholarships to 1,000 women undertaking the cyber-security certification by SSC NASSCOM.

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